Carol Vaccariello is very real, very grounded, very hard working; she is a keen serious listener and teacher, a seasoned student and administrator. Through her spiritual coaching practice, she shares and teaches the wisdom of her experience. She is committed to service and lives a simple life style of service to others.

Her spiritual path is rich and diversified. She has lived and worked as a Catholic sister for five years; as a wife and supporter of a union organizer in Ohio for thirty years; as a Protestant pastor for thirty-one years; as Director of the Doctor of ministry program at the Ecumenical Theological Seminary for five years;  as co-director of the Doctor of ministry program at the University of Creation Spirituality for nine years; and later at Wisdom University; she has served as an interim pastor at a number of UCC and DOC churches, often called in to resolve conflicts or to help heal wounded congregations.  Culturally, Carol is grounded in the Italian Strega tradition which informs her Earth based, Wise Woman, Healer, Native knowing of our cosmic home. She practices deep ecumenism and is interfaith embracing a Braided Spirituality (

Carol composes sacred music, chants and dances, touching deep awareness and freeing revelatory inspiration. Her feet are very much on the ground. She is an Elder guiding girls and women on their spirit paths. The fruits of her healthy and giving life are there for anyone to see.  She is a woman of courageous spiritual evolution.

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